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King of the Worlds: The Lost Years of Dylan Green

Image of King of the Worlds: The Lost Years of Dylan Green

$15.00 - On Sale

In honor of the one-year anniversary of King of the Worlds, we are offering a special deal for the first half of May: For $15, you'll get King of the Worlds and Gammarino's debut novel, Big in Japan: A (Hungry) Ghost Story. This deal runs through May 15.

A new novel by M. Thomas Gammarino

"Smart, sharp, and funny. A dazzling tour of the multiverse."
-- Robert Onopa, author of The Pleasure Tube and 2020

This dark sci-fi comedy explores the lost universes of actor Dylan Greenyears.

After losing the lead in Titanic, Dylan exiles himself and his wife to a recently-settled exoplanet. For a while, life beyond Earth seems uncannily un-wondrous. But then a box of old fan mail (and the hint of a galaxy-wide conspiracy) offers Dylan a chance to recapture the past.

M. Thomas Gammarino is the author of King of the Worlds, Jellyfish Dreams, and Big in Japan. He received the Elliot Cades Award for Literature, Hawaii's highest literary honor, in 2013. Learn more at