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The Ghost of Oyuki


When painter Maruyama Okyo received a surprise visit from his dead lover one night in 1750, he was so shaken that the very next morning he began to paint what he had seen. The result was The Ghost of Oyuki, one of Japan's most enduring pieces of art and its first yurei-e, or portrait of a ghost.

Maruyama's ghostly lover continues to inspire countless imitations in manga, film and painting. In this limited edition letterpress chapbook, author Zack Davisson tells the timeless tale of a man who gets one last visit from the the one he loves.

Chin Music Press and Mercuria Press of Portland, OR, teamed with Davisson to produce 100 copies of this beautiful handbound chapbook to highlight the author's upcoming book Yurei: The Japanese Ghost. More news on this book will be coming soon. The chapbook is handbound in the style of Edo period yomihon.

Note: all orders placed through our store are autographed by Zack Davisson.

We're shipping the chapbook for free in the United States from now until the publication of Yurei or when we run out of stock, whichever comes first.